[EBOOK] The Future of Gig Work is Female

For women in the workplace, equal work doesn’t always lead to equal pay.

April 4, 2017, was Equal Pay Day – a symbolic reminder of the pay gap that still exists between female workers and their male counterparts. In 2016, the average female’s salary in the United States was just 79% of that of the average male. But according to the majority of female workers in the gig economy, they may finally be able to level the playing field.

More than 86 percent of female gig workers believe gig work offers the opportunity to make equal pay to their male counterparts. Only 41 percent of respondents think a 9-to-5 career path offers the same opportunity.

In honor of Equal Pay Day 2017, Hyperwallet surveyed 2,000 US-based female gig workers to uncover the reasons – both financial and personal – that influenced their decision to enter the gig economy, and to learn how gig companies can better support their female workers going forward.

Download The Future of Gig Work is Female for more on:

  • Differences between female gig workers across industries
  • Opportunities for equal pay though gig work
  • Public and personal perceptions of female gig workers
  • Biggest drawbacks to gig work preventing more women from joining
  • Female gig workers’ long-term plans to stay in or leave the gig economy

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