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Office Romance: The On-Demand Economy’s Mobile Love Affair

TL;DRYour suppliers depend on uninhibited access to their earnings in order to achieve work/life balance. Mobile access to earnings support and transaction records is key to keeping your workers motivated.

This morning started like any other morning. I snoozed my alarm, jumped in the shower, ate breakfast, and was about to grab a coffee on my way to work—and that was when I realized I’d made a terrible mistake. Somewhere between crawling out of bed and stumbling out the door, I’d forgotten to grab my iPhone. As a Millennial, let me assure you, this was a code red disaster situation. My entire life is on my phone; from Slack to Skype, Spotify to Google Maps, my phone is the tool that keeps me connected to everything that matters in my life. And, most importantly, it’s how I pay for my coffee every morning. (Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay, you are my everything.)

I'm not the only one who panics; 46% of smartphone users say they can’t live without their phone. Click To Tweet

I was phoneless and coffeeless in the middle of San Francisco’s Financial District. Talk about a first world problem. Ridicule my entitled ways all you want, but according to data collected by the Pew Research Center, I’m not the only person who panics when they’re disconnected. Roughly 46% of smartphone users admit they “can’t live without” their phone. The data also showed that most smartphone users feel strangely connected to their devices; some 70% of Americans associate their smartphones with the word “freedom.” Roughly 72% think their smartphone is “connecting” rather than “distracting,” and 93% think their device is “helpful” rather than “annoying.”

Consumer accessibility is better than ever these days, but what about on the supplier side? Click To Tweet

For better or worse, smartphones are becoming increasingly ingrained into our everyday activities. Need to get from point A to point B in a hurry? Tap the Uber or Lyft app. Looking for last minute tickets to tonight’s game? A quick flip through StubHub will hook you up. Consumer accessibility and mobile ease of use is better than ever these days, but what about on the supplier side?

Work Smarter Not Harder

On-demand platforms and digital marketplaces are inherently designed to make the job/fare/rental/sales opportunity more accessible. According to the report, flexibility and accessibility—the ability to work wherever and whenever a person wants—are a major part of what makes the new economy so appealing.

However, in order for this kind of autonomous workstyle to amount to a sustainable and substantial income (and thus worker/platform affinity), marketplaces need to provide their supply-side contributors with the same level of mobile connectedness and on-the-go access as their consumer counterparts.

Personalized Support in Your Worker’s Pocket

Workers, suppliers, and resellers expect a certain level of support from marketplace platforms. What’s more, they expect this support to be easily accessible. From policies and procedures to training documents and financial tools, productive, revenue-generating workers need uninhibited access to these important pipes and tools. Removing friction—both for consumers and producers—isn’t easy, but it’s a crucial part of planning for your platform’s success. This is especially important when its comes to enabling earnings access for your workers.

Marketplaces need to provide their supply-side with the same level of connectedness as consumer. Click To Tweet

Your suppliers depend on uninhibited access to their earnings in order to achieve work/life balance. Fully staffed with multilingual support specialists, Hyperwallet’s worker-facing support services ensure fast, knowledgeable payout assistance wherever and whenever your workers need it. From live-chat and text message notifications, to email and phone support, answers are always just a tap, swipe, or IM away.

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