Royalty payments are broken—but they don’t have to be.

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Fix the issues with your royalty payout process.

Recording artists, producers, songwriters, and other independent contributors in the entertainment industry have been saying it for years: the process of getting paid is too complicated; it’s inconsistent; it’s slow. It’s time for a change.

This ebook outlines six of the biggest issues in royalty payment distribution today and offers solutions for how to address them:

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  • Providing payment information is a headache
  • Many royalties fail to reach the recipient
  • The frequency of payouts is unreliable
  • Recipients have no control over method or currency
  • There’s no transparency in the payment process
  • Cross-border royalty payments are expensive

Including Insights From:

USA Media Rights
USA Media Rights
USA Media Rights is a music and media rights company established by Erik Steigen in 2012 and built on over 20 years of music business experience. Clients and partners include songwriters, recording artists, music producers, publishers, record labels, talent managers, and other service companies.
Lyric Financial
Lyric Financial
Founded in 2007, Lyric Financial is a financial services and technology company that provides innovative financing solutions to the global music and entertainment industry. The company’s latest innovation, a virtual ATM platform called SNAP, empowers creatives to tap into their catalog earnings in less than a minute.