Improving Royalty Payouts for Recipients


Impress Recipients with a Better Royalty Payout Experience

PayPal’s payout capabilities, powered by Hyperwallet, provide artists, publishers, authors, and musicians with a fast and modern way to collect their royalty payments. Put your recipients in control of the royalty payout process by offering multiple payout methods and multi-currency delivery, all through the use of a digital distribution solution. Whether you’re a performing rights agency, royalty collection or distribution agency, or a digital content collaboration community, Hyperwallet’s technology can configure a system that suits your unique funds disbursement needs.Read our guide to see how PayPal’s payout capabilities allow royalty distributors to:
  • Modernize payout processes by offering 9 transfer methods
  • Enable local, multi-currency royalty payouts across 200+ countries and regions
  • Speed up all stages of the disbursement process with digital distribution
  • Provide recipients with more visibility into, and control over, how and when they collect their royalties
  • Reduce overhead and issuing costs associated with sending royalty payouts domestically or internationally


Integrated Tools Help Enhance the Royalty Payout Process

Now you can integrate royalty disbursements directly into your existing web and mobile applications thanks to Hyperwallet’s drop-in transfer method UI and payout API. Don’t have time to fully integrate full stack payout capabilities into your system? Don’t worry, Hyperwallet’s Pay Portal Payout Experience is a turnkey payee environment that can be branded to suit your company’s unique specifications.

Fast & Trackable Funds

Make it easy for recipients to manage and track their royalty payouts with Hyperwallet’s digital payment technology. Payment notifications and tracking technology help ensure recipients have full visibility into the payment process and the delivery of their funds.


Self-Service Simplicity

Checks keep getting lost in the mail? With Hyperwallet, royalty recipients control when and through which transfer method they wish to collect their funds, so chances of payments getting lost, or sent to an outdated address, are significantly reduced.


Take Your Royalty Payouts Global

Offer recipients the option to accept their royalty payments in the currency they prefer. Not only will this save recipients costly foreign exchange flips, but it will help ensure even the most far-flung royalty recipient can get their earnings quickly.

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