Are You Asking the Right Questions?

How to evaluate payout options on your marketplace or platform.

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Learn the critical questions to ask when choosing a payment partner.

Sending payouts across international borders is a major challenge. These transactions are often expensive, difficult to track, and painfully slow—problems amplified in today’s global economy, where freelance workers and sellers have come to expect fast and convenient access to their earnings.

Are you sure your payout provider has what it takes to keep you competitive?

This Hyperwallet ebook outlines the ten questions you should ask (and the answers you should get) when evaluating a payment partner, including:

Ten Things - thumb

  • Can our payees choose how they want to be paid?
  • How many potential payees can your solution reach?
  • Can I control and configure the payout experience?
  • Do you offer revenue-generating opportunities?
  • Can we incentivize payees to spend funds in our ecosystem?